Even they have a life.


The scene of poverty in India is something to think about. Do we find some panacea?

Can we voice our truculence? The forbearance has already been enough.

All of us, are lucky enough to go to school and study.
When it comes to education, what does the feckless Constitution of India do to follow their “Right to Education” ? Their precepts don’t even work. And then they teach us to maintain a decorum.

Millions are still staggering and tripping over literacy.
These millions are more mettlesome than us.

Every child has a right to study.. Which is quite pragmatic, you see. What about the children you see,
Every morning, while going to school; you see them at the garbage dumps, picking up what they think is useful for them; which we threw as something which was of no use to us.

Every afternoon, while coming back from the school; you see them running behind a tyre loop with a stick in their hands.

Every evening, you see them, sitting right above heaps of garbage.

You see them cadge, feel pity and move ahead.
You see them, at roadside junctions, selling some beautiful flowers, selling novels, selling almost anything which is capable to make your day.

You also see them smiling and laughing with all what they have got.
You see them making the most of what they’ve got, when they absolutely possess nothing.
This is a veritable fact, for all those who live in a world of paucity.

-Prakriti Chaprana


12 thoughts on “Even they have a life.

  1. Prakriti..u live around delhi right…try going out to the CP area of around any such highly visited areas at night..you know you will find poor families with parents giving drugs to their children…imagine that…one of my friends gauri had told me about it…so i went to check myself..its true…certainly is…they are so poor..they dont have money to feed theor children..to shut them up….they make them smoke ganja and crack..thats how indian capital drugs itself at night…your article just made me remember that…..trust me but i have never cried so much after seeing that……

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    1. Nidhi, you are right. And this scenario is not only a very disgusting one, it affects you. Not just CP, love, every path, footpath, red-lights; you can see there abodes. It’s disheartening. Toddlers beg on the streets, forced domestic servants.

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      1. Its a nexus. I was talking to one of my friends who works at an ngo working for poor. You know he told me that there are men who pick up poor people and lure them using incentives. They later assign them different spots in the city as beggars and later snatch away all the money from them….

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      2. Oh that is a well setup business. Right, absolutely. In fact, children from the south are kidnapped and brought here to indulge in various things, including exploiting them and trafficking them.

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  2. It is said that “a country is poor because it is poor.” This idea has come down from Ragnar Nurkse who pinpointed the problem of the vicious circle of poverty. Low level of saving reduces the scope for investment; low level of investment yields low income and thus the circle of poverty goes on indefinitely.

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