For my world changed upside down,

Promise me you’ll love me through every frown?

I can never ever get enough of you,

Each feeling so abrew.

I will always be here when you need me ,

Fight with everyone for you if need be.

Nothing so surreal than your lap,

I am gonna find another world in your map. 

Make me, oh make me feel your love.

As peaceful as the white colour on white dove.

Run your fingers through my hair,

Be with me through my despair;

Only so that i can repair,

All my broken pieces and come near,

And muffle in your ear.

And i will tell you; 

About every little feeling i have,

When i get to see you;

You came close ,

And we muddled through the ecstasy ..

Aplenty kisses and hugs followed,

Nobody could part us,

And many promises we swallowed.

Time kept on moving..

Your love kept me moving..

Your nature gradually seemed changing..

Into another world you were exceeding..

Maybe your feelings were changing,

Oh no, i swear i would not be able to take it;

Tell me i am watching a dream and stop me from preceeding,

I held,

You went out lose.

I crept on you,

You resisted.

I holded on,

And you left.

And nothing could make it up to me.

You knew my secrets and me.

What i was at 3am and how i changed at 3pm .

Yet you left ;

Me ,

All ,


This date ended with its story buried.

A part of me died, when you left.

I wish i could know that, this was the last time i held you,

  • So that i could hold on and never let you go.


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